Bossa breaks the mold of I talk, you don’t listen.

For starters, we have nothing against PowerPoint specifically. It’s a good tool. It’s just limited. Linear. Tired, maybe. It turns out we’re not alone in our thinking.

Salespeople aren't using your presentations

78% sometimes or never use marketing presentations

67% say they’re too generic

40% say they aren’t relevant

20% say they’re out of date

Audiences aren’t the biggest fans of PowerPoint, either

32% admitted falling asleep during a presentation

20% would rather have been at the dentist

18% would rather work on a Saturday

Attention spans are shrinking, too.

The average goldfish has an attention span one full second longer than the average person’s. This is only slightly encouraging if you present to goldfish, but less so if you present to the higher life forms, like potential buyers.

The attention span of a goldfish

9 seconds

The attention span of a person

8 seconds

So why Bossa? Because people want to be engaged—entertained even. And frankly, PowerPoint bullets are not nearly as interesting as the smart phones burning holes in peoples' pockets. It’s time to rethink it all.

What people really want

87% want salespeople to demonstrate competence by asking good questions
80% want salespeople to actively listen to them.
60% want business conversations, not technical speak
58% want to present an answer to a buyer’s problem
58% want compelling stories, not product features
52% don’t want salespeople to waste their time with unnecessary details
50% want clear differentiation, not “me, too” solutions