Bossa is an interactive, searchable, shareable, customizable, trackable, secure, automatically updating, presenter-controlled, branded experience that brings all your sales presentations, videos and collateral together in one very cool, easily accessible place that takes unabashed advantage of the intuitive, native capabilities of the remarkable iPad.


Bossa is as powerful as the presentations it shares and the presenter who shares them.


Bossa turns presentations into conversations.

Part storytelling. Part technology. All Bossa.

Better presentations

Our team of creative professionals span from playwrights to art directors and experience designers. Each of them knows how to tell a good story.

Smart app

Your presentations, videos and supporting materials are available any time, any place from your Bossa iPad app—even without a wifi connection.

With Bossa, you don't just talk innovation—you show it.

Takes advantage of the native iPad capabilities for a more dynamic way to share information

Brings together all of your sales presentations, videos and collateral in a single, easy-to-use interface

Leverages data analytics to track utilization and presentation performance